Giles Clement - Surf Photography

Tintype I Giles Clement

GILES CLEMENT is an itinerant photographer currently touring the country with his Irish Terrier and a station wagon full of cameras, lights and wet…

Surfing Drones - Surf Video

FILM I Drones of 2014

Drones: cool in the water, not cool when you find one in your backyard….er wait. No, cool. New toy! Drones have taken action sports…

surf video - Indonesia

FILM I Wildfire

Jealousy. Inspiration. Two totally opposite things, yet I somehow manage to feel the two simultaneously while watching Wildfire. Brought to you by the Young…

Surf Travel - Portugal

Wetsand Europe: Lastly

Are we tired of Europe? I’m certainly not. But read on, friends. When (not “IF”) you visit Portugal, here is your list of “must places”…

Surf Video - Greg Liddle - Rincon

FILM I Hullway 101

Shaper Greg Liddle warns us of the allure of displacement hulls: Be careful: you might get addicted. If you do, it will mess with your mind….

Surf Fashion - Bikini

The Kids are alright.

Meet surfer and naturally beautiful, Anna Ehrgott. Meet steezy Photographer Chris Delorenzo. Who are these kids? Free spirits. Lover of the outdoors. Motivators, innovators,…

Surf video - Van LIfe

Film I #Vanlife

Van Life. Everyone wants to jump on board. The talented team at Crayfish films have created this hilarious satire following one of the original vanlifers,…

surf video

FILM I Worn Wear

Patagonia. We like you. We like your clothes. We like your cause. We like your cafeteria. And you know what? We like your marketing. Patagonia’s…