Electric Candyman

Thom Yorke is a musical genius. Watch John John Florence surfing XL Cloudbreak, Pipe and Indo to the sound of Electric Candyman by Tom Yorke.

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Bada Boom Bada Bing

Dane Reynolds footage from “Loaded” by Marine Layer Productions.

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Acacia Swimwear  Manila Bottom x Wetsand

Love High

Im on the gravy train to pure happiness because of the Acacia swimwear Manila bottom. Model and Ventura Local Rachel Moore does this suit just right. Photography: Whitney TurnerPin It


What’s on you Mind

Mick Fanning dancing between the crowd at a well known point break on the East Coast of Australia.

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Kyle Mcvisuals Photography x wetsand

kyle maclennan photography

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Hipster Me Monday.

Kassia Meador and Colin Whitbread surf logs, shoot bottles, and play for the folky music video to “Kentucky” by Norah Jones and Billie Joe Armstrong, from Green Day.Pin It

Acacia Swimwear x Wetsand


Acacia Lookbook Photography: Whitney TurnerPin It

Made by Dawn X Wetsand

Made by Dawn 2014

We took a little field trip from our brick and mortar shop in Ventura, CA up to Carpenteria. A 15 minute ocean view drive followed by a dirty Chai…. Sounds dreamy! Made by Dawn headquarters . . check it outPin It